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About Us

Jinsharnam Media Pvt Ltd 

is a leading media and marketing company with unparalleled local-to-national reach, successfully connecting consumers, communities and businesses. We provide rich content through hundreds of outstanding affiliated Social Media digital, mobile and print products.
Utilizing innovations in technology, digital media and print publishing, our 360° storytelling is offered in markets all across the India from local townships to the national stage, we keep Viewer readers informed with what interests them most.
Optimizing latest technology in religious programs mostly in Jain Saints, Broadcasting the programs LIVE at social media platform deliver with latest technology.

We are offer the social media broadcast at behalf of our clients at very competitive rate.

To carry on the business of advertising, communication, media, by any means including with the advanced techniques of computer technology and to design, develop, maintain, market, buy, import, export, sell, organizing Brand designing and management, media endorsement, Digital and social media marketing, corporate launches, event management, corporate events, promotion, road shows, festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, electronic media, advertisement through Print media, radio, hoardings, bulk SMS, social media, You tube and other allied Channels, providing online and information technology support services for related business, processes, activities in India and abroad.

We are stable as a Digital Marketing Agency

To provide services of creating, maintaining social media channels, accounts, to broadcast audio, video, printed content on satellite television, cable, broadband, web, radio, mobile and internet including various social media sites, channels etc on behalf of clients and to provide service of public relation related therewith in India and abroad.

Our best Services is in these services

To carry on the business of print, publish, sell and market newspapers, magazines and any other print form of content publication in all languages and to deal in establishing, maintaining and managing studios, film production equipment and facilities, producing, buying, selling, import and export of content and information in print, audio, video and any other form and also to carry on business as broadcasters, channel operators, publishers in India and abroad.

Provide the services in India or abroad the business of advertising & publicity agents and contractors and for this purpose to purchase sell, sponsor, hire, charter, manage, acquire, undertake, hold, provide & promote, publicity or advertising time space or opportunity on any radio station, internet, broadcasting center, television center, video cassettes, audio cassettes, hoardings, neon sings, electronic display board, cinema cable network, newspapers, magazines, souvenirs and all other present and feature medias or display devices and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of objects under these presents.