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Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev

Pulak Sagar is a Digambara Jain Sant. Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev Pravachan available on YouTube Channel : Jinsharnam Media

A divine soul was born, in a very small but fortunate Dhamtri village in Chhattisgarh; This soul was none other than Bharat Gaurav Aacharya Shri 108 Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev. His birth brought happiness, wealth, honor and peace to their home. Shravak Shresthi Late. Shri Bhikamchand Jain Ji Mahila Ratna Late Smt. Gopi Devi ‘Kusum’ Jain, the parents of this child named him Singhai Paras Jain (Guddu, Dye) before initiation. This name was just like his soul, Paras, which means This follower of pious Jainism and devotee of Lord Parshvanath served mankind and propagated Jainism.

Born Details

Bharat Gaurav Acharyashri Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev was born on 11 May 1970 in Dhamtari (Chhattisgarh), whose childhood name was Singhai Paras Jain (Guddu Dai).
Bharat Gaurav Acharyashri Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev’s father’s name is Shravak Shresthi Late. Bhikamchand Jain and mother’s name Mahila Ratna Late. Gopi Devi ‘Kusum’ Jain
Acharyashree’s secular education B.A. happened till


A religious Jain family from Chhattisgarh, who lived their lives with dedication and devotion to Jainism, was blessed with a baby boy named Paras on 11 May 1970. The entire family was celebrating the birth of this extraordinary child. Jain pilgrims, Jain temples were visited to thank the Lord. Shri Bhikam Chand Ji visited the family Pandit to know about the future of Paras. He was overwhelmed to get a glimpse into Paras’ future, and said that Paras was not an ordinary child and would be a great saint, who would show the light of spirituality.

As a child, Paras was quite inclined towards religious epics. Paras’s parents, like the parents of many other great saints, were adorned with hearts that shone with purity, nobility and great respect for teachers and saints. Paras used to listen to Jain scriptures with great interest from his mother and grandmother. It was during this period that the first seeds of spiritual life were sown in his life.

At the young age of 23, when Paras came in contact with contemporary saint Shiromani Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Gurudev, his search for truth intensified. Paras were separating from the materialistic world, which can give nothing but impermanent happiness, sorrow and complaints. On 27 January 1993, Acharya Vidya Sagar Ji Gurudev pointed the finger towards Paras and helped him take the first step towards spirituality and granted him Brahmacharya Vata (celibacy). His determination, nobility, and religious views also impressed Acharya Shri Pushpapad Sagar Ji Gurudev and he honoured him with “Alok Diksha” on January 27, 1994 in Gwalior. On this auspicious day, he received his true spiritual gifts “Pikki and Kamandal”. Later, he offered Muni Diksha in Kanpur in front of the big crowd and Acharya Shri called him “Mani Pulak Sagar”. By the grace and blessings of Guru, Muni Shri 108 Pulak Sagar Ji discovered the complete truth. Every moment of Paras’s life was overflowing with the divine realisation of the existence of all in one. The stage had reached beyond pride and physical attraction. Their journey towards the final destination was started. The journey to the blissful state where no one can separate one from God and religion has finally begun

Muni Shri starts travelling from one place to another. To propagate Jainism to the ignorant, non-religious people and Jain beliefs with the motto of service to various human races, he visited cities like Delhi, Meerut, Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai, Surat, Nagpur, Ajmer. Visited. Small towns like Saharanpur, Sikar etc. Not only this, to spread the word, he reached out to those small villages which were far from reach, where there was no electricity, no road facilities, no basic facilities, but still Muni gave only one Visited those places with purpose.

Diksha Journey

  • Bharat Gaurav Acharyashri Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev left his home on 27 January 1993 and took the vow of Brahmcharya from Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Gurudev at Madhiya Ji Tirth, Jabalpur (M.P.)
  • Gurudev’s Ailak Diksha took place on 27 January 1994 at Gopachal Parvat, Gwalior (M.P.), after which Gurudev’s
  • Muni Diksha took place on 11 December 1995 at Anandpuri, Kanpur (U.P.).
  • Initiation to the post of Gurudev Acharya took place on 29 November 2019 at Pushpagiri Teerth (M.P.) in the presence of Guru Pushpagiri Praneta, Vatsalya Diwakar Acharya Shri Pushpadant Sagarji Gurudev.

Inspiration of Jinsharnam Tirth

Bharat Gaurav, through Acharyashri Pulak Sagar Ji, another pilgrimage is going to be added to the history of India, whose name is Jinsharanam Tirth Jain Digambar Temple which is in Upalat, Maharashtra 401606, whose Panchkalyanak will be completed on 22 February 2024.

Jinsharanam Tirth Jain Digambar Temple, Upalat, Maharashtra – 401606 ( Contact Details)

Profile Handler

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Bharat Gaurav Acharyashri Pulak Sagar Ji Gurudev
Former Name Singhai Paras Jain (Guddu, Dye)
Date of Birth 11 May 1970
Place of Birth Dhamtari (Chhattisgarh)
Native Town Pindrai (M.P.)
Father Shravak Shresthi Late. Bhikamchand Jain
Mother Mahila Ratna Late. Gopi Devi 'Kusum' Jain
Study B. A.
Home Renunciation 27 January 1993
Celibacy fast Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Gurudev, Madhiya Ji Tirth, Jabalpur (M.P.)
Alek Diksha 27 January 1994 Gopachal Parvat, Gwalior (M.P.)
Muni Diksha 11 December 1995, Anandpuri, Kanpur (U.P.)
Acharya post 29 November 2019, Pushpagiri Tirtha (M.P.)
Initiation Guru Pushpagiri Pranetha, Vatsalya Diwakar Acharya Shri Pushpadant Sagarji Gurudev
Notability Strong speaker, poetic heart
Mouthpiece and Magazine Pulak Vani 'Monthly'
Honors Bharat Gaurav, Rashtra Saint Vishwasant, Shantidoot and status of Rajkiya Atithi of many states.
Literature Creation of dozens of books with his powerful writing.
Organization Akhil Bhartiya Pulak Manch Family
Central Office 'Vatsalya Bhawan', P-75, Street No. 5, Bihari Colony, X, Shahdara, Delhi - 110032
Identity Heart-wrenching preaching style, telling complex topics of religion and spirituality with simplicity and humor.
Pilgrimage Inspiration Shri Digambar Jain Teerthdham Jinasharanam

Chaturmas has been running since 1993 in Baroda (Guj.), Etawah (U.P.), Kanpur (U.P.), Delhi, Saharanpur (U.P.), Meerut (U.P.), Delhi, Delhi, Agra (U.P.), Gwalior (M.P.), Jaipur (Raj.), Indore (M.P.), Nagpur (M.H.), Mumbai, Surat (Guj.), Udaipur, Banswara (Raj.), Indore (M.P. .), Jaipur (Raj.), Delhi, Sikar (Raj.), Gwalior (M.P.), Ajmer (Raj.), Mumbai, Baramati (M.H.), Pune (M.H.), Surat (Guj.), Banswara (Raj.), Nisharanam Teerthdham (M.H.), Aurangabad (M.H.), Jinsharanam Teerthdham (M.H.).